Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Three Column Minima Stretch for Blogger

Project: Three Column Minima Stretch

Knowledge: HTML

Website: Compender

Rating: 5 starlets

Difficulty: Beginner

Details: Compender, a blog by a guy named Raymond, doesn't just talk you through the difficult task of making your blogger template three column, he takes you step by step with screenshots. That's what I call a good tutorial: step by step, screenshots, and tips for errors. I give this tutorial 5 stars because it's the one I used for my blog and it worked like a charm.

A few tips I'd like to add on:

  1. You can rearrange the divs to arrange your blog any way you like. Want your post on the far left and both sidebars to the right? It's easy, make the div id "main-wrapper" come before the other wrappers. That's right, just cut "main-wrapper" div and paste it above the side wrappers. Can't find the divs? There are at the end of your template code… the very very end.
  2. Instead of trying to type in Raymond's changes, just copy his entire code and paste it into it's place in your template (the key here is paste it in it's place, don't delete your entire template)
  3. Remember this tutorial is for tweaking the Minima Lefty Stretch Bloggger Template only, so no other Minima Template will work.

Raymond's steps are easy to follow will work like a charm. Enjoy!

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