Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vivienne Tam HP Mini Day Two

So today I got to put the Vivienne Tam HP Mini to the real test! It was so exciting hearing what clients, and others had to say about the laptop... and it felt really good carrying it around.

First, I met up with Brian Hill (head of Phoenix Fashion Week) and the Phoenix Fashion Week (PFW) iReporting Team at Boston Gourmet Pizza in Tempe, AZ. We are getting ready for our big kick off for October 1-3 and are planning our strategy for getting the behind the scenes scoop with boutiques, designers, and other vendors before, during, and after PFW. I'm actually excited to be joining the team this year along with ASU's fashion writing club. The HP Mini really helped out at the meeting, I used it take notes, browse the internet and bookmark relevant links, and everyone was pretty much amazed.

Brian, Head of PFW

After the PFW iReporting meeting I headed to some local Scottsdale, AZ boutiques for in person interviews for

Me making sure recorder and HP Mini bluetooth was synced

This is a pretty fun job, I get to travel to trendy boutiques in the area and interview boutique owners about the economy, tradeshows, and fashion. The HP Mini really made my life easier (it even matched with all the handbags). First, I can use it to record my interviews directly, secondly, it's super light and easy to carry around and thirdly, the boutique owners really loved it. Patrice Mann, from Stefan Mann, who sells high end handbags, told me "If you get to meet Vivienne Tam in New York, tell her she really did a great job with this design!", and Danica Coral, from Pink House Boutique, was plotting to snatch it and run as I was leaving her store.

It's was a pretty great day, one thing I don't like about the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition, the webcam is really dark, but I have a few solutions for that, that I'll share later this week. Stay tuned!

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