Monday, June 1, 2009

GOSSIP GIRL: Real NYC Stories Revealed: Dani Stahl

The Technology Starlet is proud to give a full review of GOSSIP GIRL: Real NYC Stories which has been produced in partnership by Dove Go Fresh and Gossip Girl. The mini series is about four real girls taking you behind-the-scenes of their gossip-worthy New York lifestyles. The series originally aired on the CW during this season's Gossip Girl so if you missed them you still have a chance to catch these great stories online at

Today's GOSSIP GIRL: Real NYC Stories review features Dani Stahl... the "'IT Girl' with an enviable Job and a gossip worthy life'. Dani was born and raised in New York and this chick...well…she's something else! Not only does she takes being a "New Yorker" seriously, but most importantly, she has a FAB JOB!!!! She's been the Style Director at Nylon Magazine for 9 years and she's a jewelry designer for Lia Sophia. Dani lives on the Upper East Side and has a cute apartment on 74th street.

Memorable Episode Qoutes:
"If you walk out the door you should be camera ready at all times"

Why We Love Dani:

  • We love to hate her apartment and her job...
  • She's a hopeless romantic
  • Wine and cheese with mom? Now, that's a mother daughter relationship.
  • She has a fab, edgy style
Check it out Dani for yourself by viewing her episodes. (Dani Part I and Dani Part II). Wanna know more about Dani? Friend her on Facebook!

Stay tuned here because in real Gossip Girl fashion, We are trying to track Dani down for a one on one interview and we are waiting to personally review Dove Go Fresh products. Like This? Love This? Let me know!