Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vivienne Tam HP Mini - Final Journey Part 1

So, last week was my final days of documenting my journey with the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition. This stylish and affordable laptop has given me so much joy... I know it sounds corny, but I've never enjoyed a piece of technology as much as I have enjoyed using, carrying around, and gadetizing with my HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition. To end my journey HP was kind enough to send me to New York during Fashion Week and not only let me meet Vivienne Tam and view some gorgeous clothes...but meet other women bloggers that have taken this journey with me.

My first stop was Phoenix, Arizona airport, unfortunately I still had to work so getting a wi-fi signal was very important. The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition picked up the airport signal immediately and I was connected within a few clicks. I was able to work from the airport and easily turn off my wifi on the plane so I could watch iTunes movies, play games, etc...

After settling into our hotel, our next stop was the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition bloggers from across the country got together for a New York City Tour. It was my first time in New York so I really enjoyed the city, especially being surrounded by great company.

That night it was time to meet Vivienne Tam at her boutique for a fashion show and cocktail party afterwards! I was sooo excited I didn't know what to do! I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to actually talk to her, but boy was I in for a surprise for the entire trip. Not only would we be able to see Vivienne Tam but we were able to talk to her, take pictures, and the week would reveal that Vivienne Tam would be involved in our trip in a way no one even expected....

Stay tuned for the rest of my final journey... until then you can view all my images on Flickr or read more from the other Vivienne Tam bloggers:

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