Monday, April 27, 2009

Glamour TV: Tressed To Impress Episode 04

Today's new episode of Glamour TV's Tressed To Impress by Herbal Essence was released. The girls, Kellene, Jessie, and Alana got a message in a bottle that hinted that "dressing to impress" was the theme of the day for the last challenge. The winner receives $10,000 shopping spree and a chance to represent Herbal Essences on the pages of Glamour Magazine.

The ladies showed up at the 10Eleven show room and a runway was set up with models fiercely strutting runway fashions. The goal was to take high fashion and incorporate into every day looks. Each girl got 2 models, a hair and makeup person, 4 racks of clothing and 60 minutes.
My favorite look was definitely by Kellene, her styles were fierce and she took runway pieces and made them translate to a day or night look seamlessly… so this time I totally agreed with the judges choice:

This was Kellene's first look. I loved the way she paired the boots with the bag and the outfit. Each piece fit perfectly as far as length and size with the skirt, plus the jacket and belt was a perfect mesh.

I loved this look! The dress and belt were perfect and the long pontyail style was classic. This could be for day or night easily.

Next week is the last episode and a winner will be chosen… .Go Kellene! Like This? Love This? Let me know!