Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Green Doesn't Mean The Death of A Fashionista....

Today is Earth Day and even though I celebrate ever year, for some reason this year is really close to my heart. If you know me you know that this year I started creating homemade facial masks, stopped using plastic bags from the grocery store, got my electricity bill down to $100 this month, and I am transitioning to a green but fashionable lifestyle this year. Why?

1. Going Green Doesn't Mean The Death of a Fashionista! I want to prove to the world that going green doesn't mean that I have to be barefoot in the park... sooo, I'm still going to wear fingernail polish, drive a car (sorry no bus rides for me…it’s too hot in Arizona), and covet Jimmy Choos, but I think fashionistas can balance that out without losing themselves.

2. My first name, Tierra, actually means Earth in Spanish and I feel a little guilty about not living up to my name!

3. I really am trying to save money by getting rid of paper towels, changing the light bulbs, and other things. Each seems to have worked out to my advantage. I actually just started to feel the economy personally last month...

Anyway.. that's my "green" speech! To celebrate Earth Day here are my top 5 favorite things... from fashionable technology to fab green accessories:

Project Earth Day Eco Fashion Show

Sainsbury Recycled Plastic Collection

Zoe & Zac Eco Friendly Shoes and Accessories at Payless

The Upcoming PeaPod by Chrysler

Kumvana Gomani Green Jewelry

Happy Earth Day! Like This? Love This? Let me know!