Thursday, February 28, 2008

Inside StyleFeeder: A Discussion with Founder & CTO Philip Jacob

If you are serious about online shopping then you are no stranger to StyleFeeder, the personal shopping engine that can make your online shopping nightmares disappear. However, if you've read the About StyleFeeder page on their website then you know exactly why I was so excited to get an interview with Founder and CTO Philip Jacob... here's a quick excerpt to get you up to speed (you can read the rest here and read more about what StyleFeeder does on my earlier post here):

"...Call them Bea and Phil. Call them us, who made this site for ourselves and now for you.

In the winter of 2005, Phil noticed that Bea was spending a lot of time emailing to her friends things she had found online. Bea didn’t know what Phil knew, that although email is good for many things, it’s a private and inefficient way to share links.

And Bea finds a lot. And Phil thought it would be nice if Bea and her friends could share things online, and maybe a hundred other people could watch.

So StyleFeeder is Phil’s answer to Bea’s obsession: some things are so damn cool that the world has to know."

I can definitely see why StyleFeeder is so successful, they have a great team of laid back and fashion obsessed employees, they treat every user like a rock star or celebrity stylist, and they focus on quality. I sent Philip a couple of questions about his baby, StyleFeeder, and I'm sure you will be as delighted about the responses as I was.

1. First off, amazing application. From your point of view, what does StyleFeeder stand for?
Thanks for the compliment :) StyleFeeder is a personal shopping engine, a service that uses the intelligence of the network to help you find new products based on your preferences. StyleFeeder is to retail what blogs are to media, netflix is to movies, is to music and so forth. We're reinventing e-commerce around the individual. E-commerce today is very much based on making it easy for sellers to get in front of buyers, which seems totally backwards to us. When you're shopping, you want to see products that are relevant and interesting to you - it's a simple concept, and the way we do this is to rely on the massive amount of preference data that we've collected so far and use that to power our recommendation service.

2. One of the best qualities of StyleFeeder is the concept of user personalization and customization. Basically I felt that when Phil made this app for Bea, Bea was me! In the development stages, was there a lot of user input, especially with the strong emphasis on user personalization?
Actually, at the very beginning, I developed StyleFeeder for Bea's needs and my needs. We wanted to create a service that made sense to us, so the best way to do that was to build it around our own usage patterns. Very quickly, though, we realized that this just wasn't going to be compelling, since we still didn't have a way to help people shop outside of their own little network of friends. One night during dinner, I had a conversation with Jason Rennie about the work that he was doing on his PhD at MIT, specifically, the power of the algorithms he'd worked on to help people filter large amounts of data based on preference. He subsequently joined StyleFeeder and still works on making our algorithms perform the magic that helps you find the cool pair of shoes found by someone in Sweden.

3. Online shopping has kind of been in limbo, everyone uses the same process, social networks and web 2.0 kind of skipped over the online shopping industry. Now we've seen a large amount of developers trying to fill the void through virtual dressing rooms and social online shopping. Some people say that StyleFeeder kind of paved a path for innovating online shopping. How do you think StyleFeeder fits into the online shopping world?
What's happening is that the ownership of the store catalog, an asset traditionally owned by the retailer, has started to transition to individuals. There are a lot of reasons for this, but you see it everywhere: people creating a collection of products that is appealing to them and merchandising their own virtual storefronts. All of this product information used to be in retailer's catalogs... when you wanted to see the latest J Crew stuff, you'd typically look in the J Crew catalog. Nowadays, you're more likely to find out about new products from your friends or people you interact with online, which, frankly, is much more interesting and compelling.

4. StyleFeeder does so much, how did you guys squeeze all of that into this sleek design that can fit into the corner of a blog, a profile, the side of your browser, or as a little button on your toolbar without feeling intrusive to the user?
We are pretty vicious when it comes to being concise about what we do, especially on the UI. Some of it is process and some of it is
instinct. But thanks for noticing ;)

5. A lot of widgets, although I would not necessarily give you guys the widget label, focus on providing services to one or two popular websites, i.e Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and kind of disappear behind the big names. Was it a decision from the start to not associate StyleFeeder with any one application, but to keep the brand strong and independent?
Funny - the decision was to stay out of the way of the users and just show them cool stuff rather than to focus on beating them over the
head with our logo. We are definitely independent and offer cool, customizable widgets for any platform (or RSS feeds if you care to
develop your own...).

6. Depending on the user, StyleFeeder can mean lots of things. However I'm curious of what could it mean for business users like upcoming fashion designers or magazine editors?
For magazine editors, it's an opportunity to come down from their ivory towers and see what people are really interested in and find out what looks from the runway are actually making their way to user's wishlists. There's a difference between style and fashion: style is your "way" of doing things whereas fashion indicates the preferred way of doing things. To us, it's more important that StyleFeeder is a way for you to explore your own interests rather than learn about what someone in an office in NYC thinks you should wear.

For business owners, StyleFeeder represents a huge opportunity. If you're a retailer, wouldn't you love to get to know a few thousand of your customers on a deeper level? To know what products that you don't sell are interesting to them so you can offer them something
new? To send a discount code to someone interested in your product? We've worked with a few retailers so far on initiatives like this and we're always eager to do more in that regard.

7. I'm personally excited to watch StyleFeeder evolve in the future, are there any plans for improvement?
Yes :) In 2008, you'll see the capabilities of StyleFeeder improve, by becoming richer and offering you a much more capable shopping
experience. Among other things, the UI will become more personalized, and we're focused on improving search. Stay tuned.

8. Finally, I know everyone whose has read the StyleFeeder start up story on your website wants to know about Phil and Bea. But what I want to know is where can I find Bea's StyleFeed...?!?
Aha... Well, her blog is here:

... and her StyleFeed is here:

Be sure to add her to your watchlist!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bond girls and Lauren Conrad… a match made in heaven?

Okay, before you look at the title of this post and wonder what in the world I’m talking about, let me explain. I love 007, but I always secretly wished that the next James Bond would be a girl! Of course, in the society we are in, that wasn’t going to happen, but there are Charlie’s Angels, Aeon Flux, and many others to focus on. But for some reason, to me, nothing is more glamorous and stylish than a Bond Girl.

So I asked myself, if I were a modern day Bond Girl, what would I wear and what gadgets would I own? The inspiration for this post came from Lauren Conrad’s new Spring 2008 Collection. I love Lauren’s style and think some of her new pieces are quite classic and would fit very well into a current Bond Girl’s Closet. Don’t believe me? Decide for yourself as you take a ride with my wild imagination and check out this modern Bond Girl’s 24 hour mission:

7:00 PM: Charity Gala
Location: New York, New York
Check out this combination from The Lauren Conrad Spring 2008 Collection which includes the Nicole Skirt, Jackie Tube Top, and the Katherine Wrap. It reminds me of a bond girl at a Charity Gala right before she runs into James Bond while tailing the bad guy. Add a secret flash drive necklace, like this Heart Beat USB Memory Key by Phillip and Swarovski and wait for love and scandal to follow.

Read more of my post at The Tastemaker Diaries

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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Evolution of Fashion PCs

I try not to brag too often, but just to set the record straight...I predicted this happening, that's why I started this blog.

"Market research firm Forrester Research has predicted that the period between now and 2012 will be the “Age of Style” for the consumer PC industry, with manufacturers weaving design considerations into every aspect of their business, including research and development, brand management, marketing and retailing."

Microsoft marketing director, Nadine Kano, made these statements recently:

"Fashion is how we express our identitites"

"Style is everywhere today. Look at house wares – everything from potato peelers to handheld vacuums have been infused with style. In the technology world, we’ve already seen cell phones reach the status of fashion accessory. The shift we’re seeing in consumer PCs is just as inevitable."

"Product differentiation in the PC industry is getting harder and harder to achieve based on technical specs"

"People have always wanted power, speed and reliability, but these days they can get comparable disk space, processor speed, and RAM from many PC manufacturers. To get something unique, people are now looking for style.”

"We’ve definitely moved beyond the days when, to paraphrase Henry Ford, you could get a PC in any color you wanted, as long as it was beige."

Read more of what Nadine Kano said here

So, words mean nothing right? Microsoft actually put their money where there mouth was and invited Nigel Barker, Tony Shellman and Misa Hylton to judge a high-tech fashion show this year at CES in Las Vegas. After looking at 12 very hip and stylish Windows-based PCs they picked a favorite.

I love two of their picks, one of them, I could live without. But the concept of each of these designs and the prospect that they could actually sit on my desk is quite intoxicating.

1.  The Sony LT, a 22-inch, wall-mountable HDTV with a transparent glass border and a VAIO PC tucked into its side panel.

2. The Signature PC from Ego Lifestyle, which has a rounded design resembling a lady’s handbag and is available in leather, chrome, titanium and lacquer finishes. (My Favorite)

3.  The Haier Notebook VM, which has its screen and keyboard connected via a rotary spindle that allows users to pull the screen both upward and forward, and has a sports-car-quality paint job.


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Monday, February 18, 2008

Gizmos And Things For Your Favorite Workout

As women we tend to prepare for our workouts as if we are about to go out with friends. From small studs in the ears, a slight color on the lip, a neat pony tail or bun, and a cute workout fit, showing up at the gym or the track can become a social event in itself.

Sometimes we become so involved with talking to workout buddies, sizing up the competition, thinking about the day, and enjoying the scenery that we can forget how many laps we swam, what distance we ran, how many punches we threw, how long cardio lasted, and rather or not our heartbeat was up. That’s why a gadget is the perfect accessory to help you look your best while trying to stick to that New Year’s resolution. So how do you pick the right outfit, makeup, and gadgets to go with your workout? The guide below gadgetizes my three favorite workouts: boxing, yoga, and running.

Fly Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee
Add some flavor to your boxing game with a Lover/Fighter Tank and Personal Boxing Timer from Everlast. This timer can strapped to your arm or wrist and is great for heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, double-end bags, or other types of interval training.

Relax, Relate, Release
My favorite workout is Yoga, not only is everybody doing it, it actually works and can increase flexibility and core muscle strength. The gadget below is unfortunately a concept gadget and doesn’t exist, but the design is amazing and it deserves a mention. The designer is Hui-Zong Chen and this wonderful yoga mat is made up of an electronic paper screen. You can play MP3, attend yoga class anywhere due to the streaming video, and even connect with friends and have a group class.

Wind Beneath Your Wings
The most important thing about running other than your shoes is your hair and your heart rate. Check out the F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch by Polar. The quick and easy solution will make sure you don’t under or over exert yourself. Another cute idea is this On The Run gift bag for $30.00 at the studio i|m store. It has everything you need to keep your hair and shoelaces in place.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Glamorous Tech Toys: Philips and Swarovski Active Crystals Collection

I think the CEO of Philips Consumer Electronics spoke of this collection the best... "The outcome of the alliance is a range of products that go back to the essence of what many women are looking for: the fusion of functionality and fashion through a unique combination of technology and elegance. We are combining luxurious design with the practical, everyday benefits of consumer electronics to complement Philips' brand promise—Sense and Simplicity—and Swarovski's brand promise of Poetry & Precision."

Here are three of my favorite designs, they've been in stores since Aug 2007, but they are still the breaking news in women's fashion / tech becasue it means that tech toy designers are finally getting it!

Mirage Headphones ($ 130.00)

Lock Out USB Memory Key ($180.00)

Heart Beat USB Memory Key ($180.00)

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The Tastemaker Diaries

I am very happy to announce that I am now the resident Gadget Hound at the Tastemaker Diaries, the blog at StyleFeeder, along with some other pretty saavy women. I'll be talking about gadgets as they relate to fashion so feel free to check me out with the other writers including Jackie the "College Co-Ed", Megan the "Shoe Addict", Greenloop the "Eco Fashionista", and many many more. I'll be posting a sample of each of my post here but you have to click the link to read more at the Tastemaker Diaries. Check out my current article below:

Spring 2008 Trends "Gadgetized"

Spring 2008 is coming fast and the styles range from Global (think Angelina Jolie mixed with the Queen of Sheba) to Goddess. I’m really excited about the new trends because they reflect the women of today: powerful, business-minded, eco-friendly goddesses and traveling divas. And of course, gadgets are needed to make these trends come to life! Here are four of my favorite Spring 2008 Trends and my suggestions on how to “gadgetize” (to accessorize using gadgets) them.

The Global Woman
Spring 2008 brings in a global theme that focuses on tribal-like patterns, bright colors mixed with earth tones, and natural but strong makeup! Every global woman needs a multilingual electronic talking dictionary. Try this one, the E15C800, by Ectacto which includes a car charger, headset, microphone and power converters for any country. Pair it with this cute global-inspired dress from Etro’s Women Spring 2008 Collection and you’re ready for any tribal adventure.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tweet What You Eat: The New Way To Diet?

Searching the Internet last month, for innovative ways technology can be used in for me to keep up with my New Year diet goals, I stumbled upon a site that I absolutely love! It's called Tweet What You Eat (TWYE). The concept behind this web site is to conveniently create a food diary by using Twitter to tweet what you eat each day. I decided to go behind the scenes and TWYE for one day as well as talk with the creator Alex Weiss.

My "Tweet What You Eat" Diary

9:45 am CST: I created myself a Twitter account today
and followed the steps on the TWYE site to get ready to document my food intake for the day. The directions on TWYE were very simple. After setting up my Twitter account I typed in "follow tywe" into the "What are you doing box?" and clicked update. I made a mistake by immediately attempting to enter my food intake. You actually have to wait for the email to come to your inbox explaining that TWYE has is following you (twye tip: hold on to the edit code that comes in your inbox). So now that TWYE is following me and I'm following TWYE it's time to input my food. Okay, for breakfast I ate 2 fried eggs for 184 calories, 2 sausage links for 184 calories and water. In the "What are you doing box?" I type in "d twye 2 fried eggs:184, 2 sausages:320, water". So far so good!
1:30 pm CST:
Okay lunch time is here. I run to Wendy's and grab a large chili with cheese and water. When I get back to my desk I twitter "d twye Wendy's chili". I start to realize that I am on a low carb diet and I kinda wish I could track my carbs to. I'll mention that to Alex for my interview. But for now, just being able to track my food intake is awesome. Now I need to find how many calories are in Wendy's chili so Google Wendy chili calories and find out that it's 310 calories. So I go to the TWYE website, look up my diary and edit the entry using the edit code that came in my inbox and add the calories to my Wendy's entry. Okay, now I got the hang of this!
4:30 pm CST: I
t's time for me to get off of work and I have a hair appointment at 5:30 pm so I need to be able to TWYE on the run. I set up my cell phone to send Twitter updates through text messages. This way if I eat I can text message it, I can always look up my calories later and add them.
9:00 pm CST
: My mom, a biology teacher, is having problems setting up her Access database. I drive to her house and eat a salad their. Using a quick text message I twitter "d twye salad with ham and cheese, low fat bleu cheese dressing, sugar free Hawaiian punch".

After one day of TWYE I was hooked and impressed with the ease of the application. I decided the ask the creator of TWYE, Alex Weiss, a few questions about his inspiration and genius.

Was there an “aha” moment for you that gave you the idea for TWYE?
It was mid-summer and my wedding was fast approaching. I wanted to loose 5 pounds for the big day. I was already exercising and figured if I just tuned my eating habits a little, I could achieve my goal. I wanted a tool that would simply allow me to keep an online food diary so that I see what I was eating every day and make small changes to my eating habits. I didn't need anything fancy, just a simple way to log what I was eating.

I had played around with Twitter with a close group of friends who like me are on the fringe of generation X/Y and like many, we just didn't "get it." I knew there was something to the Twitter platform though, so I decided to build the food diary using Twitter primarily because I knew you could send messages easily through Twitter using your Phone, IM or the web. That accessibility meant no excuses on skipping a day in the diary.

TWYE seems like a web app that would appeal to women more than men, was that your main audience during your brainstorming stage?
I built the tool first for my needs, though I had hoped it would also have broad appeal. I didn't think too much about the intended demographic. My concern was more whether the tool would be easy enough, and useful enough for a non-Twitter user to use. I suspected that my audience might be more female than male but if you go and look through the recently posted food items on the homepage you'll see it appears to break close to 50/50 female to male.

I love being able to track my calories as I eat throughout the day. However, right now I am on a low carb diet. In future developments do you plan on adding a column for fat or carbs to focus on different eating plans?
I haven't decided on that yet. There are a host of other improvements that I want to launch first. In creating TWYE I made a deliberate effort not to look at any existing food diary or diet websites, which is why I think TWYE turned out to be unique. I started from scratch, building something that I would use. Perhaps that's why so many guys use it? It's built on the natural language that you or I would describe what we eat. Now that the site is gaining in popularity, I want to take into account user needs and stack on neat new functionality allowing the tool to evolve. It's going to grow organically though as I don't want to compromise its simplicity.

The only difficult moment for me using TWYE was tracking down how many calories are in what. Are there any plans on adding a look up feature that helps you find how many calories are in basic items, or list of resources that can help you find your calories faster?
Yes! I'm looking forward to launching this feature. It's been in the works for a while. I know what I want to do and it's going to be unique. Without giving too much away, TWYE users will have the ability to look-up calorie amounts for food items that they don't know.

I can see this concept catching on at a colossal rate, for young and old. My mom is always on a diet and when I taught her how to use it, she’s been text messaging TWYE every since. What are your future plans for TWYE and how do you plan on reaching an even larger audience?
I am very impressed (and happy to hear) that your mom can use it! The plan is to build up TWYE with more features before working on efforts to build on the audience. So far TWYE has a pretty strong and loyal following. Some simple things that are missing include a print view for your diary, the ability to export to .csv, and a calorie look-up. Once those enhancements are done, I plan to get the word out in a bigger way.

If you could tell future developers and/or designers any encouraging words, what would you tell them and why.
I'd tell them to go with their gut, stick with it and see it through. You never know. I was struggling to complete the last 5% of the project and fighting myself to contain feature creep as I headed into launch. I was close to scrapping the project but instead I pushed through and launched the site. The day after launch and one email later TWYE was featured and at the end of the day there were 500 new food diaries. That far exceeded my expectations and that feeling and accomplishment made it all worthwhile.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Etching...Get Your Gadget A Tattoo

I'm always looking for ways to make my gadget and accessories stand out.  One new phenomenon I love is the process of etching text or an image onto your favorite gadget.  There are many companies that you can use to etch your mobile phone, iPod, or laptop, but picking the right company is very important because you have to mail in your equipment....  I spend so much $$ on technology, so I am very particular on who I mail my stuff to.  So, to be safe, I'm going to highlight ETCHamac, the official authorized Apple etching company.  ETCHamac is a etching design company by MacMedia, Inc., founded in 1999.  The peps at ETCHamac believe, like me, that "accessories alone aren't enough" and that consumers are "thirsty for new and unique ways to personalize their digital lifestyle". Being a tech geek & fashionista, the companies thoughts on accessories are right up my alley... But as always, talk is talk.  The Technology Starlet tested out ETCHamac's online ordering process for my iPhone's new tattoo and it was user friendly and customizable. See for your self:

Step 1: Pick a design
Being a graphic designer, I didn't want to use any of templates or picture galleries, I wanted to design the etch myself so I spent a few minutes designing a sketch that I thought would work and saved each image as a jpeg for uploading to ETCHamac's site. (see below).

Step 2: Choose the make and model of your phone.
I have a 8 GB iPhone.  The first step on ETCHamac's site is to choose the make and model of your phone and the type of etch you want.  I choose my phone, the standard marking color, and text/image etching type.

Step 3: Design Your Etch
I uploaded the images I designed and positioned them according.  My only concern here was the fact that I couldn't get the silhouette to be the very top layer.  I also didn't like the way the text image came out so I typed in TechStarlet using their add text feature.  So far so good. 

Step 4: Purchase!
After I had the design just the way I liked it I choose to move on the purchase which was only $50.00, a pretty good price. I added the comment to be sure to place the silhouette image on the very top layer.

All in all it was a great service and I really liked the customization, the less phone calls I have to make the better!  Try it out for yourself.  Here's a quick YouTube video by another company that quickly shows how the etching is done:

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chanel Choco Fashion Concept Phone By Fred de GARILHE

Unfortunately Chanel had a problem with this concept design being released and has requested that Fred de Garilhe find and remove information about it from any sites (See comment on this post).

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fashion & Shopping Widgets: Online Shopping Companions on the Web?

Shopping and fashion widgets are everywhere.. on blogs, on facebook, on your fave widget application... but which ones actually can help you while shop on the web? Which widgets can actually send you inspiration, suggest products based on your likes or browsing trends, let you search the entire web for the perfect red turtle neck? I decided to test out three widgets and one of them definitely surpassed my expectations. Please note that I am using Yahoo Widgets for this post, but you can easily add these widgets to your blog, myspace, or facebook by following additional instructions found on the corresponding site.

Widget 1: Top Shop Daily Fix
Top Shop Daily Fix is a cute little fashion widget, with 1,357 active users daily, and it gives you a daily pick fashion pick as it hits their popular site. No more searching for trends and multiple feeds to see what's hot now. Top Shop "does the thinking for you". I installed the widget on my desktop using Yahoo Widgets. The best part? If you see something you like... just click buy.

Widget 2: SHOP.COMpanion
SHOP.COMpanion is a cute widget that can also be downloaded to your desktop using Yahoo Widgets (you can also incorp it n2 Facebook and MySpace). The concept behind this widget is that from your desktop you can search for anything (dvds, books, clothes) and the SHOP.COMpanion will give a list of choices from all over the web. Choose the one you like and navigate to the website where you can purchase it instantly. I downloaded the app and searched for a black cocktail dress. I choose one from BlueFly and it took me directly there...see below)

1. search for black cocktail dress

2. choose favorite

3. navigate to website and purchase

Widget 3: StyleFeeder

I really can't call this a widget.. this is way more like a web application but I love it soooo much I had to feature it. Just wait and see how amazing this is! It's called "the personal shopping engine" and for good reason. All you have to do is choose some things visually that you like and style feeder will generate awesome picks based on your taste. But that's not all, download the attachment for your web browser, and you can add your own shopping picks (check the widget out on the left of this blog). But I can show you way more that I can tell you. Check it out:

Step 1: Based on the pics, choose some categories that interest you.

Step 2: Based on the categories used in step 1, choose some items that you like. After each pick the items change based on your preferences (so cool!)

Step 3: StyleFeeder generates some items it thinks you will like and suggest some other users you should check out who have your style. But the personalizing really starts here, choose a username and password and get ready to really use this app to the fullest.

Step 4: Once your account is created you can do four things, download your widget and display it on your blog or fave social network, check out some people (style twins) that like what you like, add items to your app from the StyleFeeder site through exploration and rating, or my personal fave, or get a personal shopper.

Step 5: I went directly to downloading my Personal Shopping and StyleFeeder added a cool side bar to Firefox and also a button to my toolbar to add items as I shopped. I went to Victoria Secret, because there is the cute little black dress that I really want, and added to my StyleFeeder by clicking on the button on my toolbar and then clicking on the picture of the dress.

Step 6: Now StyleFeeder lets me add some info about my picture....

Step 7: ... and viola, if you look at my widget on this blog (to the left) you can see that my dress is added! Go ahead and click on the picture. You can add your comments to my dress or see some similar items that StyleFeeder picked.

Out of all of the widgets I looked at I liked these three the best. StyleFeeder will definitely be one of my "can't live without" widgets. Are there any widgets out there that you guys use faithfully? Like This? Love This? Let me know!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Polite Umbrella

Well, fashion and technology is getting smarter and smarter each year. Last month at the Museum of Science in Boston the polite umbrella was featured at SEAMLESS: Computational Couture, a fashion show and celebration that combines cutting-edge style with the latest tech. "The Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability." (quote from polite umbrella)

Check out the video below.

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Women Will Spend More On Technology

Dell, Samsung, RadioShack, and Best Buy have all realized the truth.... women buy 50% of tech purchases and it’s time to market to us!!! Dell has approached O at Home, Ladies Journal, and CosmoGIRL to get editors to print more about their products.Their hard work has paid off because CosmoGIRL featured Dell’s new slim notebook in their August issue last year and they are popping up in mags everywhere.

RadioShack, Best Buy, and Samsung are starting to change everything from their marketing to their store designs in order to reach the projected $122 billion dollar market.. All I can say is, it’s about time.

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Motorola leaving the mobile world

Style and technology really do matter. Looks like the company that started it all with the Razr, just couldn't keep up. Motorola announced last week that it may exit the mobile phone business.

Everyone is analyzing the whys and hows of the pull out, but I think that they just couldn't keep up with their own invention. They created tech and style through our mobile phones and just couldn't keep up with Nokia and Samsung once they jumped on the bandwagon.... (think Netscape). Like This? Love This? Let me know!

Mobile Fashion Magazine

What do you get when you mix
Emdigo, an actress, and fashion week? A new style magazine downloadable on you mobile phone. Emdigo Inc, a leading mobile software and tech company is joining forces with the chick from Style Network, Finola Hughes (How Do I Look), to launch a new mobile app/mag called Style Kick with Finola Hughes in October. The mag will keep ya updated on fashion trends and news from Finola.... but only to Verizon Wireless customers for $3.99 per month.
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Something's Different?

A friend of mine told me yesterday, after reading through my blogs..."You really focus on fashion and technology a lot, your other categories barely have content".

This comment alone didn't make me change my entire blog, but after checking out my Google analytics, every time I talk about fashion pertaining to technology, you guys seem to tune in.

I also started to check out my search engine keywords... a huge percentage of you guys search for "technology and fashion" when you ended up at my blog.

I checked out the past interviews I've done, most of them are fashion and technology related. My interviews with Chanel Ward of Hip Candy and Michele Obi from My Fashion Life got the most hits of any of my posts. So, I've decided to focus the majority of my content on fashion... but only as it relates to technology.

I'm still going to frequently focus on women and technology and tech gadgets.. of course!
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