Monday, February 11, 2008

Etching...Get Your Gadget A Tattoo

I'm always looking for ways to make my gadget and accessories stand out.  One new phenomenon I love is the process of etching text or an image onto your favorite gadget.  There are many companies that you can use to etch your mobile phone, iPod, or laptop, but picking the right company is very important because you have to mail in your equipment....  I spend so much $$ on technology, so I am very particular on who I mail my stuff to.  So, to be safe, I'm going to highlight ETCHamac, the official authorized Apple etching company.  ETCHamac is a etching design company by MacMedia, Inc., founded in 1999.  The peps at ETCHamac believe, like me, that "accessories alone aren't enough" and that consumers are "thirsty for new and unique ways to personalize their digital lifestyle". Being a tech geek & fashionista, the companies thoughts on accessories are right up my alley... But as always, talk is talk.  The Technology Starlet tested out ETCHamac's online ordering process for my iPhone's new tattoo and it was user friendly and customizable. See for your self:

Step 1: Pick a design
Being a graphic designer, I didn't want to use any of templates or picture galleries, I wanted to design the etch myself so I spent a few minutes designing a sketch that I thought would work and saved each image as a jpeg for uploading to ETCHamac's site. (see below).

Step 2: Choose the make and model of your phone.
I have a 8 GB iPhone.  The first step on ETCHamac's site is to choose the make and model of your phone and the type of etch you want.  I choose my phone, the standard marking color, and text/image etching type.

Step 3: Design Your Etch
I uploaded the images I designed and positioned them according.  My only concern here was the fact that I couldn't get the silhouette to be the very top layer.  I also didn't like the way the text image came out so I typed in TechStarlet using their add text feature.  So far so good. 

Step 4: Purchase!
After I had the design just the way I liked it I choose to move on the purchase which was only $50.00, a pretty good price. I added the comment to be sure to place the silhouette image on the very top layer.

All in all it was a great service and I really liked the customization, the less phone calls I have to make the better!  Try it out for yourself.  Here's a quick YouTube video by another company that quickly shows how the etching is done:

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