Monday, February 25, 2008

Bond girls and Lauren Conrad… a match made in heaven?

Okay, before you look at the title of this post and wonder what in the world I’m talking about, let me explain. I love 007, but I always secretly wished that the next James Bond would be a girl! Of course, in the society we are in, that wasn’t going to happen, but there are Charlie’s Angels, Aeon Flux, and many others to focus on. But for some reason, to me, nothing is more glamorous and stylish than a Bond Girl.

So I asked myself, if I were a modern day Bond Girl, what would I wear and what gadgets would I own? The inspiration for this post came from Lauren Conrad’s new Spring 2008 Collection. I love Lauren’s style and think some of her new pieces are quite classic and would fit very well into a current Bond Girl’s Closet. Don’t believe me? Decide for yourself as you take a ride with my wild imagination and check out this modern Bond Girl’s 24 hour mission:

7:00 PM: Charity Gala
Location: New York, New York
Check out this combination from The Lauren Conrad Spring 2008 Collection which includes the Nicole Skirt, Jackie Tube Top, and the Katherine Wrap. It reminds me of a bond girl at a Charity Gala right before she runs into James Bond while tailing the bad guy. Add a secret flash drive necklace, like this Heart Beat USB Memory Key by Phillip and Swarovski and wait for love and scandal to follow.

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