Friday, February 1, 2008

Something's Different?

A friend of mine told me yesterday, after reading through my blogs..."You really focus on fashion and technology a lot, your other categories barely have content".

This comment alone didn't make me change my entire blog, but after checking out my Google analytics, every time I talk about fashion pertaining to technology, you guys seem to tune in.

I also started to check out my search engine keywords... a huge percentage of you guys search for "technology and fashion" when you ended up at my blog.

I checked out the past interviews I've done, most of them are fashion and technology related. My interviews with Chanel Ward of Hip Candy and Michele Obi from My Fashion Life got the most hits of any of my posts. So, I've decided to focus the majority of my content on fashion... but only as it relates to technology.

I'm still going to frequently focus on women and technology and tech gadgets.. of course!
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