Friday, November 28, 2008

chicBuds Black Friday Giveaway at Gear Live

If you are out holiday shopping today I have a really cool Black Friday giveaway tip for you over at Gear Live. Go into Dillard’s online or in the store or to a local Fred Meyer store and purchase a pair of chicBuds before midnight PST on today. Next email a copy of your receipt to and the first 100 people to send in their receipt will receive a free pair of chicBuds shipped to them.

So what are chicBuds? chicBuds are cool retractable earphones for your iPod, iPhone, or just about anything that incorporate fashion, technology, and Swarovski Crystals into their sleek design. Worn by Cindy Crawford and voted as one of the TOP 10 unique earphones by PC Magazine, this is one giveaway a Tech Geek Fashionista shouldn't miss!

Remember, It's only available to US residents...

However, If you miss the contest no worries, starting on Monday The Technology Starlet will be having a fabulous chicBuds giveaway! Like This? Love This? Let me know!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TGF Holiday Gift Guide...The Stressed Out Diva

We all know them, it’s The Stressed Out Diva who lives on drama, creates a scene, and always seems to be working on a deadline. But whether it’s your best friend or a loved one, we can’t live without them in our lives. They make things a little more exciting each day and are great listeners too; even if they add in their two cents every now and then!

Here are my picks for five Tech Geek Fabulous Gifts for that the Stressed Out Diva In Your Life.

Sneak this ultra soft baby under your desk at work or use it at home while watching Lipstick Jungle and you are sure to relax as thousands of micro-beads message or foot or leg. Definitely a winner and fab for a TGF..

The StressEraser uses infrared finger sensors to detect your pulse rate and help you relax using breathing techniques and audio tones. Perfect for a stressed out Diva who needs to "chill".

Feeling yourself stressing out at your job? No problemo, just use this USB Heating blanket to warm up and relax.. but be careful, don't get caught napping on the job.

What better way to end your day than a 16 bottle Wine Refrigerator with 16 perfectly cooled bottles of wine ready for you to wind down? It's quite, geeky with temp displays, and faboulous, like a Diva should be!

Stop by each week for the Tech Geek Fashionista Holiday Gift Guide! A Holiday Gift Guide for all of your loved one’s personalities including:
  • The Stressed Out Diva
  • The Professional Fashionista
  • The College Socialite
  • The Sophisticated Mother
  • The Metrosexual Buddy
  • The Fabulous Boss Lady
  • The Gossip Girl
  • The Artistic Stylist
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Monday, November 24, 2008

HP Mini Coming Soon!

It's coming... I'm so excited!!!
Check it out...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Prada Link Digital Watch at The Watch Digest

Prada and LG just released the new Prada Phone by LG. It’s sleek, it’s new, and looks to be just as popular as the first one… but this is not a cell phone blog so why are we talking about a Prada Phone? Well the Prada Phone by LG threw the watch world a fast one by including a new accessory with the phone, The Prada Link, a digital watch that links directly to the phone.

The Prada Link has a 48 hour standby time and a 2.5 hour charging time. It’s made of stainless steel metal and has a genuine leather strap and 3 ATM of water resistance. Although the Prada Link only has three buttons on the right, those three buttons can do a lot including....

Read More of My Post at The Watch Digest

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Links à la Mode

Great links from our friends over at Independent Fashion Bloggers.... one of my fave sites. By the way; check out my recent contributing post there entitled Fashion Bloggers Claim Your Media Credentials Today!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll Be Back On Monday

Scottsdale Fashion Week

Hey guys... I've never been so happy not to post! I am going to be covering Scottsdale Fashion Week from November 6 until November 9th. I have been waiting for the event for months and I am so excited to have been able to get access to all the shows.

Anyway...I will be covering the entire week which means I won't be blogging here again until Monday. But I will be posting on every inch, nook and cranny of Scottsdale Fashion Week over at my personal blog..

Please don't hesitate to stop by and check me out.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My "Congrats Obama" Collage

I tried not to get too political on The Technology Starlet, but today is an important day for me. This morning I woke up and a black man was President. And not just any black man, a great black man, Barack Obama....

So in tribute here is my Barack Obama Collage

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Forget To Vote!!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Move Over Size Zero, Slim and Sleek Gadgets Are Taking Over The Catwalk

Technology geeks, CEO's and silicon start ups from around the globe got together for the Gitex Technology Week 2008 at the Dubai World Trade Centre…and boy were they in for a pleasant surprise...

Meet Gadget Glam, a runway fashion show for electronics where girls strut down the runway carrying the latest laptops, slender mobile phones, and desktop computers. Gadget Glam, the brainchild of G2 Publishing & Media and Gitex organizers was a way to "...add flavour, bring some excitement" according to Mahmoud Boksmati, the regional manager of G2.

In its second year Gadget Glam put on a two hour show three times a day to funky the middle of coders, database geeks, and server salespeople. According to my source, they even winked at conference attendees and had some men scrambling for their camera phones.

Okay, can you guys believe this?? Gadget modeling. I just want to say that I started this blog in 2007, way before this stuff hit mainstream media, before Vivene Tam's "digital clutch hit the runway" and before the geek chic stylish revolution ... I think I deserve a pat on the back…Here's a peek at the show:

Hey, maybe I should be a Gadget model, what do you guys think?

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