Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TGF Holiday Gift Guide...The Stressed Out Diva

We all know them, it’s The Stressed Out Diva who lives on drama, creates a scene, and always seems to be working on a deadline. But whether it’s your best friend or a loved one, we can’t live without them in our lives. They make things a little more exciting each day and are great listeners too; even if they add in their two cents every now and then!

Here are my picks for five Tech Geek Fabulous Gifts for that the Stressed Out Diva In Your Life.

Sneak this ultra soft baby under your desk at work or use it at home while watching Lipstick Jungle and you are sure to relax as thousands of micro-beads message or foot or leg. Definitely a winner and fab for a TGF..

The StressEraser uses infrared finger sensors to detect your pulse rate and help you relax using breathing techniques and audio tones. Perfect for a stressed out Diva who needs to "chill".

Feeling yourself stressing out at your job? No problemo, just use this USB Heating blanket to warm up and relax.. but be careful, don't get caught napping on the job.

What better way to end your day than a 16 bottle Wine Refrigerator with 16 perfectly cooled bottles of wine ready for you to wind down? It's quite, geeky with temp displays, and faboulous, like a Diva should be!

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  • The Sophisticated Mother
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  • The Gossip Girl
  • The Artistic Stylist
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