Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top 4 Laptops for Fashionistas

This is a guest post by T.J Aaron from - your guide to find a laptop that matches your outfit perfectly. Don't forget to check out their laptop reviews to get the pro's and con's for your laptop of choice.

Some laptop users care only about the features and functionality, seeing the machine as a tool and nothing else. For such people, there is always the venerable Lenovo ThinkPad which maintains an all-black design with little else on its stark exterior. Thankfully for the rest of us, there are some alternatives.

Lenovo IdeaPad U110

Yes we just picked on Lenovo for their strikingly black ThinkPad line, but their IdeaPad notebooks are thankfully not of the same vein. Sporting a decidedly Asian-theme, the IdeaPads are far more fashion-sensible than the "business-class" ThinkPads. The U110 sticks out here with its textured cover, featuring a highly intricate etched pattern. Even the bottom of the machine has stylish designs and you will find a striking black, glossy keyboard on the inside. Weighing 2.4 pounds and less than 1 inch thick, this 11 inch ultraportable will also probably fit in a medium-sized purse!

Dell Studio

In a bid to differentiate themselves from the competition, Dell recently began offering a new product line known as "Studio" and with them, a highly customizable design. Dell offers 7 different colors and a unique pattern with 4 trim color options, or a choice of over 100 artist designs which will adorn the back of the screen. You can even get these designs on a number of laptops ranging from a 13 inch ultraportable to a 17 inch multimedia powerhouse. The price varies mostly on the system, but expect the design to add about $75.

Tulip E-go

Tulip's line of style conscious laptops may not be specifically for fashionistas, but rather those who already have everything else. Their website looks nothing like your usual computer product website, instead reminding me of the website of a high end fashion designer. Starting at $5000, the E-go line of laptops offers something from everybody. The base model supports removable skins to customize to your taste, or you can up the ante with diamond-studded models that reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you own a Bentley? Then they've got you covered with a Bentley model as well.

Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition

Wait, didn't we dish Lenovo in the beginning for having mainly plain black laptops? The ThinkPad Reserve is another of those plain black models, based on a high end ThinkPad X61s, but with an "exclusive" leather cover surrounding the machine. It was originally launched with intents of being an exclusive, executive-class machine with the appeal of a high end piece of luggage, costing $3000. But with the flop in sales, you can now find this rather capable laptop at bargain basement prices under $2000 from various e-retailers. At launch in mid-2007 it was also touted to have "executive-class" services that went above and beyond the standard warranty, but we're not sure if that is still valid considering the line was dropped.

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