Thursday, January 17, 2008

Campbell's Soup adDRESS Your Heart Campaign

I am sooo excited about this post! February is my favorite month, not only because it's black history month, but it's also American Heart Month. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America so Technology Starlet decided to find out how this cause, technology, and fashion were being used together.

I didn't have to look far because designers everywhere are getting ready for the annual Go Red for Women Campaign, a national campaign to fight heart disease in women. My favorite sponsor for this cause would have to be Campbell's soup.

Campbell's soup has combined technology and fashion in an innovate way by incorporating user opinion and interaction, fashion design, and a good cause. They really did a good job on supporting the campaign and you can get involved too by following my steps:

1. You can go to Go Red With Campell's and vote for the dress that Toni Braxton (read her story), a heart disease survivor should wear to kick off American Heart Month.The website design is interactive and the dresses, designed by Lisa Perry, are inspired by Campbell's soup labels, and are really cute.

By the way, me and the majority seem to favor dress number two entitled "Silver Spoon". It's sleek, elegant, and to me.. screams Toni Braxton. (see below and go vote)

2. Now for the best part... you can design your own dress at Campbell's website and submit it to join the Red Dress Community. Just design your dress using the interactive web app, fill out some personal information and a small paragraph on why you love your heart and voila, your dress will be showcased with the other community members (939 dresses and rising). Check out my design below.

3. For those that would rather shop online, there are plenty of things available to support this campaign. You can purchase a t-shirt from Campbell's Art of the Heart t-shirt designed by Michael Vollbracht for Bill Blass. And of course, 50% of the proceed go to the cause.

Also, available at most Brighton stores you can purchase a $50 dollar bracelet, limited edition of course, which displays the campaign's signature red-dress motif. And to make your purchasing decision easier, for each $50 bracelet sold Brighton will give $10 to the American Heart Association.

6. For all you cyber chics with little cash, you can download cool things from Campbell's website to help the cause. Just go to the download site and you can be rocking a cool desktop background or something cute for your favorite instant messenger.

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