Monday, January 7, 2008

For the love of God… Stop with the pink tech gadgets please

It's starting to become an issue, the lack of women in information technology fields is beginning to worry some companies… and why not? Women who start their own businesses and work in corporate America have shown that they have the brains, the style, and the passion to pull off things that men work years to achieve…..and IT companies know they can bring that same passion into technology. (Read about companies worries about women and technology and the solutions $$$ they are offering to solve the problem at ZDNet's article EC funds 'gender equality in science' study and's article Women team up to raise their profile.)

But let's be honest, they don't really care about our numbers in the field… they care about reaching that untapped market. Women technology products, what type of gadgets do women want? It's a question that everyone is racing to find the answer to. But the right answer is not what everyone should be looking for, everyone should be looking for the wrong answer…. STOP MAKING EVERYTHING PINK!!! Just because we want a laptop, or a flash drive, or a camera doesn't mean we want it pink… We want it sleek, stylish, and contemporary. We want an accessory that had style and POWER! (And I'm not the only one who thinks so…

thinks so,

thinks so, and

thinks so too.)

Okay, I'm getting a little too passionate…so to validate my point, and irritation, below is a slideshow, "No More Pink -vs- Chic & Geek", which displays three products (digital cameras, laptops, and cell phones) that I don't want to see advertised to women any more in pink (and I'm sure you don't either) and tech products that someone finally got right:

Honestly, all pink is not bad… hey this blog is kinda pink…but let's not overdo it. But there is hope, the 2008 CES in Las Vegas is making new ground defining chic and geek. CBS has a great article describing the new designs.

On a final thought, posted by 8manu on SlideShare, here are a few things are are pink and beautiful:

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