Saturday, January 5, 2008

i1155: Portable Multimedia Player for your iPod and DVDs by iLuv

Gadget Review Rank: 4.5 Starlets

Cost: $249.99
Where to buy: iLuv's Website
Description: iLuv is dedicated, and I mean dedicated, to accessories that are way different from the competition. Although they focus on MP3 players only, they give all competitors a run for their money. A licensed Apple supplier, iLuv has created i1155, the portable multimedia player for your iPod. Using this cool gadget you can play iPod videos or DVD's through the 8.4" widescreen while charging your iPod. The design is contemporary, sleek and touch sensitive. The best part is the slow or fast motion playblack...Gotta love that! Here are a few more specs I thought were interesting from iLuv's website:
  1. Adjustable stand with latches for desktop use and different viewing angles
  2. Featured with convenient OSD (On-Screen Display)
  3. Multiple subtitle, angle, and audio functions
  4. Supports 3-way power sources (AC Power Adapter , Cigarette Lighter Adapter, Built-in Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery)

So why did I give it 4.5 Starlets??? Because I'm sick of iPod accessories. When are we going to be able to do all this stuff with the iPhone??? Okay, maybe I'm being jealous, but if you still are rocking the iPod...then this is for you.


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