Monday, February 9, 2009

Vivienne Tam HP Mini Days 3 thru 5

I'm still out on the road with the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition and it's been a really cool journey. This weekend was really fun, I'm still working with Retailing Together and Phoenix Fashion Week this month, getting some great content for both of their websites.

Hilda and Jazzy @ Classy Jazzy Boutique

My first stop was with at a boutique called Classy Jazzy in the heart of old town Scottsdale, AZ to interview Hilda for Retailing The owner, Hilda, owns the boutique and named it after her dog, Jazzy. Jazzy was sooo cute, and to be honest, the real diva of the show! Jazzy had on a t-shirt that said... "I'm kinda a big deal around here"! Classy Jazzy sells some amazing jewelry and accessories for dogs, and Hilda, a huge Obama fan was very optimistic about the economy... not to mention being obsessed with fashion. She loved the HP Mini and thought it would fit perfectly with her store decor.

My next stop for Retailing Together was in Tempe, AZ at Tempe Marketplace with Eric Torres. Eric is the genius owner of Different Trends, a website that represents a number of emerging designers. Eric, a fashion techie himself, loved the Vivienne Tam laptop, all he wanted to know was if it had built in wi-fi... Of course!

Me interviewing Eric Torres, owner of Different Trends

I also made stop to interview Katie from Garage Boutique a The Mix shopping center in Scottsdale, AZ. I loved the boutique, it was full of grown up luxury clothes for kids. The Mix Shopping center was amazing.. each and every store inside was handpicked by the owners.

Me and Katie of Garage Boutique chatting it up in the Twizzler's corner

Lastly, I spent the rest of the weekend at Phoenix Fashion Week's Apparel for Success workshops. I really enjoyed this job because I got to interview creative designers who were just getting their lines started and were looking for resources to help them succeed. Definitely a fun day for me and the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition...

I fell in love with a few more features this weekend. First, it fits absolutely perfect in my purse. Everyone else pulling out laptops had this huge bulky thing (like I used to), and it was just heavy and cumbersome for them. Also, The HP mini is a great networking tool... talk about attention! Everyone wanted to know where I got it from, what it does... I actually made a few business connections with it.

Stay tuned for more... Like This? Love This? Let me know!