Sunday, January 25, 2009

Journey of a Pro Fashion Techie and her Vivienne Tam HP Mini: Day One

I've been writing about the Vivienne Tam HP Mini for the last 5 months. First I found out it due to be released, then I found out it was walking down New York runways, and then I started experimenting with gadgets and apps...planning the day when I would get one.

So, like a true fashionista, when the Hp Mini Vivienne Tam Edition arrived on my doorstep, I excitedly thought about how I was going to review it. I mean, I could do those boring laptop reviews like everyone else is doing, but this isn't a tech geek blog... this is a fashion based tech blog, and it's just not our style.

So, many people don't know this, but I own my own business,, and I'm actually a full time fashion techie. Everyday, all day, I deal with fashion as it relates to technology, and this is the month long "Journey of a Pro Fashion Techie and her Vivienne Tam HP Mini."

Day One

So the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition arrived on my doorstep last week and today I took pictures of everything. I can't wait to take it with me to all my meetings, parties, and stuff this month. Of course, I expect some jaw dropping... I mean this thing is gorgeous! Anyway... here's the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition before I opened it up... look how cute the mouse is!

In the box you the get the HP Mini, a small bag, a mouse, the charger, two Duracell batteries for the mouse, and the battery for the HP Mini.

However, the thing I love the most is the mouse. Inside of it is the small USB reciever. It's so cute and small! You just plug it into your HP mini, turn on the mouse, and voila! I love this because I'm not really finger clicking kind of girl, I like my mouse. It's a must have.

It also perfectly matches the HP digital clutch, so it's fashionable and resourceful.. exactly what I like.

It's really not a difficult device to use. It's simple and easy, Windows XP ready, web cam built in, and microphone built in. Here's a look at some of the basic features.

It also includes a SD Card Reader, 2 USB ports, expansion port, headphone and microphone jack, HP Mobile Drive indicator, and a security cable connector.

So stay tuned.. and we'll def see the response and give a real life road test! Like This? Love This? Let me know!