Thursday, December 4, 2008

Links à la Mode IFB Weekly Round Up

"You may want to clear up some space on your calendar today, because we have loads of great links this week. Wondering what to you your ‘dumbass boyfriend?’ (hehe) Well, Smart Geezer gives us 10 tips on buying clothes for men. My Fashion Frenzy may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from her experience with Black Friday. We’ve also got loads of great vintage posts, Couture Allure parties like it’s 1959, Debutante Clothing tells us why a zipper is scandalous (if you’re Joan Crawford) and The Coveted dishes on 13 Vintage Holiday Party Dresses. On the inside, don’t forget to stop by Petite Bourgeois to read about the man behind Ford Models, and 39th and Broadway let’s us know what we didn’t learn in Fashion School."

-Independent Fashion Bloggers

  • - The nitty, gritty, down and dirty, details of working in the fashion industry that nobody prepares you for!

  • A Few Goody GumDrops - A Few Goody Gumdrops is giving away two to-die-for Katherine Kwei ever so chic handbags!Enter to Win!

  • Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy - Look divine this season, whatever your budget, in hot holiday jewellery

  • Capitola Girl Jewelry Blog - Which came first…the button or the button-hole?

  • Clutch 22 - Clutch 22 cut up a dress to create DIY Studded Oxfords

  • Couture Allure Vintage Fashion - How to party like it’s 1959! Vintage looks for a 50th birthday gala.

  • Daisy Fairbanks Vintage - Bringing out your inner Betty Draper, channeling the glamour of the early 60s with Mad Men fashion.

  • Debutante Clothing - Vintage Fashion History - What’s Wrong with Bows and Zippers?

  • dramatis personae - An interview with Xenia of Lime Crime Makeup (and Doe Deere Blogazine) about her new make-up line.

  • fashion in my eyes - Word on the street with Sasha Pivovarova

  • Fashion Pulse Daily - Fashion Pulse finds ways to get all gussied up for holiday parties via Target for under !

  • Fasshonaburu Fashion - Gift Guide for shopping for the label-obsessed, Gossip Girl watching teen during these economic hard times.

  • Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy - Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy is loving these effortless-looking, chic looks! Yay for black! It always works!

  • If Wishes Were Clothes Horses… - My exclusive interview with eccentric stylist, editor, notorious club personality and club night host JACK MITCHELL. He doesn’t mince his words, check it out…

  • In Life and In Fashion - Handbag Heaven or Hell? A perfectly organized handbag!

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers - How To Write The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

  • Mademoiselle Robot - My crush on Claire Fisher from Six Feet Under.

  • MY Fashion Frenzy - My FIRST ‘Black Friday’ experience. “The phrase “crazy holiday shoppers” is an understatement!”

  • Nothing Elegant - Artist Gustave Klimt and his lifelong partner Emile Floge were influential fashion reformers, and their work is still inspiring designers today.

  • Or False Glitter - Advertising perfume: the mystery behind a physical representation of smell

  • Pencil - sd looks at how some bloggers use what they already have to create a completely unique and one-of-a-kind look.

  • Petite Bourgeoisie - John Caplan - The Man Behind Ford Models

  • respectfully yours - stylish gentleman: daniel craig as james bond.

  • Shopping and Info - Shopping and Info has the info on what Demi Lovato wore at the Twilight Premiere.

  • Smart Geezer - Girls! 10 Tips For Men’s Clothes Shopping!

  • Style Discovery - Who’s liking to my blog? Style Discovery’s 3rd bloggin tip post.

  • Style Symmetry - Stop by and Celebrate our One Year Blogaversary!

  • Stylish Thought - The Good Side of Sequins

  • Technology Starlet - The Technology Starlet chicBuds Holiday Gift Giveaway

  • The Bare Skinny - Fashion on the Go…Fabulous Iphone Apps.

  • THE COVETED - Lucky 13 Vintage Holiday Dresses

  • The Style PA - Going gaga for Lady Gaga. How one women is changing my mind about eighties fashion…

  • we wear things - We Wear Things goes Masked Avengers!
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