Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Robot USB Memory Storage Behaves Badly

We love the Robot Happy Laura USB Memory... Swarovski really stole our imaginations with this one. Meet Robot Happy Laura:
Not only can she hold 2.0 GB of storage (2,000 photos or 500 songs), she's a Tech Geek Fashionista that can be worn as a pendant or a charm. Her entire body is set with Swarovski crystals and her ears light up (LED) when data is transferred. Check out her moves:
However, did you know that Robot Happy Laura was Naughty Raymond's girlfriend??? Meet Naughty Raymond...
Naughty Raymond is the hottest bad boy around with the same specifications as Happy Laura, they are a match made in computer heaven. Naughty Raymond USB Memory Key has a black body set with Swarovski crystals and is definitely bad ass... check out his moves:

These cuties are a little pricey at $180 each, definitely not right for a recessionista, but a great option for the money makers... Like This? Love This? Let me know!