Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Hippo Water Roller Project

Today is blog action day and any excuse I have to talk about Hippo Water Rollers is a good day for me (see my previous post).

A Hippo Water Rollers is a 22lb device that allows anyone to transport 24 gallons of water in less time and with greater ease. This is like a giving free healthcare to an American... many natives in other countries carry 5 gallon buckets on their head to get water to their communities causing havoc on their bodies, on their lives, and on their health... The Hippo Water Roller Project aims to solve that problem.

Hippo Water Rollers makes it possible to gather gallons of water 5x's the amount possible than traditional methods. A single roller carries enough of the needed liquid to meet the basic requirements for 5 people per day.

I love and support The Hippo Water Project and I encourage all my readers to get involved today by donating money to the project and helping thousands break free from poverty, one roller cost $100 and last up to 7 years. If you can't provide monetary aide, partner with The Hippo Water Project, volunteer, or just spread the word.

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