Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Your Dollars Worth From Your Gadgets: Pt 2 iPod Touch

I've heard it before (even though for the life of me I don't see why) "I don't want an iPhone". So you want to keep your handy phone and get an iPod Touch instead? Getting the most out of your iPod Touch is just as easy! In this 2nd part of Get Your Dollars Worth From Your Gadgets, I am going to focus on how any fashionista can get the most out of your iPod Touch. If you missed part 1 mobile phones check it out here.

Show off your portfolio
Are you a designer, photographer, or an artist that is looking for a great way to make their portfolio mobile without carrying around your laptop? Try Orb, a program that can turn your home computer into a media center by beaming any content to your mobile device, your laptop, your gaming equipment.. and your iPod. All you gotta do is download the program to your computer from Orb and then go to Safari on your iPod and log in to Orb from there... and bingo... instant connection for a small fee. Let's talk about a few gliches... first your home machine has to be turned on, secondly the quality of your images for your portfolio won't be as good as your originals, and thirdly your computer has be the best to really broadcast video... but your folders are still accessible on your iPod. Who wouldn't want that? Check it out at :

Store all your important document
The best thing about an iPod Touch is your ability to store all your music and videos, and word documents... wait, you can't store word documents on an iPod touch, or images, or presentations, or excel data, or.. okay you get the picture. But where there is a will there is a way. For $6.99 you can download DataCase (<----this link will open iTunes on your computer) app for your iPod touch or iPhone that will allow you transfer other doc types to your iPhod allowing you to transfer them wirelesly form computer to computer. So now your iPod is an external memory drive to! (Source: TOUCHTIP)

Watch your figure

Stop staring at the menus on your lunch date with the girls! Don't worry about trying figure out how many calories your have left for the day, let Calorie Minder on your iPod Touch worry about it! This little app is full of features:

  • You can get complete nutrition reports, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, saturated fat, sodium, water and all vitamins and minerals.
  • Identify which foods are supplying the most fat, calories, carbs etc. in your diet.
  • Set goals for your weight and track all your food and exercise. Count calories burned while running, swimming, bicycling or playing golf.
  • Keep track of everything you eat or drink, even when traveling. Even on an airplane.
  • Works on your iTouch even when temporarily outside of WIFI range.
  • Calculate and graph every calorie, every nutrient, and every gram of fat, protein or carbohydrate in your diet.
  • Calorie Minder is custom made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and intensely user tested.
  • Keyboard use is minimized. You can enter each meal in seconds.

Stay tuned for part 3 laptops later this week.

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