Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fashion 2.0 Meetup

I don't live in New York... but meetings like this always bring back that impending dread that I'm missing out by not being there. Thank goodness for the internet, though. This month Fashion 2.0 had a Fashion Design 2.0 Meetup in New York that included a guest panel of some really influential women in fashion and technology including: Kathlin Argior, Fashion Designer; Jen Groover, CEO of Jen Groover Productions, Trish Ginter, Co-Founder; Karen Giberson, President, The Accessories Council; and moderator Yuli Ziv, Co-Founder of (one of my favorite sites).

The discussion , as seen in the video below, gave insight to fashion and it's necessary evolution into Web 2.0. Some of my favorite points included the discussion of the impossibility of validating your business without a website, which would be like networking without a business card. However, the most intriguing point of the conversation was the discussion on web design. All the women agreed that having flashy websites can hurt sales more than help them and that "template like pages" make bigger sales.

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