Monday, March 10, 2008

Computer Games for Tech Geek Fashionistas

I love computer games, but I hate impossible puzzles, action, and seek and find games. I love strategy games, kinda like the Sims, but one I can play on my computer without pulling my hair out with download times and computer freeze up. Here are three games that deserve mention for women out there who wish there were more games that related to our specific genre. Oh, by the way, I play all my games at It's really simple because I pay $24.95 per year and get unlimited access. Email me and I'll send a guest pass to the first five people so you can check it out for yourself.

1. The Diner Dash Series
If you play computer games then you are no stranger to Diner Dash, the fun series where you help Flo, a future restauranter, design her stores and serve food to the masses. This game is so fun, but be careful, only play it at home! I found myself looking behind my back at work trying to squeeze in a few levels, before you knew it a week went by I had gotten no work done!

2. JoJo's Fashion Show
I absolutely love this game, but please be advised, you really need to have some sort of fashion sense to pay this game. The object of the game is to help JoJo regain her fashion career after her assistant stole her designs and became mega famous (sound familiar... the 2nd episode of Lipstick Jungle had the same theme). Dress models in the correct trend and get mega points, be creative and get ready for a new addiction.

3. Carrie The Caregiver 2

Think you are ready for the classroom? This game will definitely let you know. Help Carrie as she educates preschoolers through learning, feeding, tidying up and having fun. I like this version better than the 1st one because changing diapers is just not my thing, computer game or not!

There are many more "chick games" at Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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